Sourcing from China with No kickbacks

By Customizing a unique price list and catalog for your product, our sourcing team will keep tracking and updating your price to make our sourcing transparent and competitive.

Product Sourcing Agent From China

Different from other sourcing agents, Toopus builds a transparent tool to let both of us know your sourcing process.

Our Sourcing Pricing Plans

Startup Plan

Your Reliable Sourcing Tools
$ 199 Year/From
  • Access to Our Public Product Pool
  • Customized Price List
  • Regularly Update Product Catalog
  • Professional Sourcing Consulting

Basic Plan

Your Customer Representative in China
5-10 % Order
  • Starting Budget As Low As $500
  • Sample Collection & Shipping
  • Find & Verifie Suppliers
  • Customized Product & Packaging Design
  • Order Follow-up
  • Arrange Production
  • General Product Quality Inspection
  • 2 Months Free Warehousing
  • Arrange Delivery to Door Via Courier, Sea/Air Freight

Pro Plan

We are Your China Office
& / Month
  • Hire Labor in China
  • Develop Product & Performance Standards
  • Sample Collection & Shipping
  • Supplier Research & Vefication
  • Production Arrangement & Follow-up
  • Packaging & Labels Customization
  • AQL 2.5 Quality Inspection
  • 2 Months Free Warehousing
  • Arrange Delivery to Door Via Courier, Sea/Air Freight

Extra Plan

Price will be quoted by inquiry
& / Order
  • 1 by 1 inspection
  • Hire labor in China
  • Accompanying translators
  • Factory & Supplier Audit
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Lifestyle Photography

Easy to Start

In most cases, you don’t need to place an order to verify our service, just by joining our members, you will have a professional team to help you collect products and prices during this year.

Toopus keeps trying to build a transparent product and price system for our clients. We have collected almost 100 types of products in our public product pool so far. After you become our member, we will build a private price and product system and keep tracking it.

We always think that only a transparent price system is the foundation of trust. A good trust between us makes the sourcing success.

Sourcing for Small Business

With a starting budget as low as $500,  we will help you find the most suitable supplier in China, obtain quotations, and provide manufacturing solutions from the supplier.

You can also use your own suppliers in China, we can collaborate with them to ensure the products are manufactured according to your requirements.

After you are satisfied with the price and sample, you can place your order, and we will handle mass production, quality inspection, and door-to-door logistics.

Once your suppliers send the cargo to our warehouse, we will conduct quality inspections and arrange door-to-door logistics.

Sourcing For Stable Business

The Toopus Pro plan is suitable for those who aren’t Chinese and do not have a China office and local team, can easily have your own sourcing office in China, to quickly find the best factories, most competitive pricing, and terms, and ensure consistent high-quality products!

We recommend you use our basic plan sourcing service first, if you approve our service and profession, then you can decide to hire us and have your own sourcing office in China.

The price will be fixed based on the labor costs you need, if you are searching for this sourcing service in China, contact us to know the price.

Extra Services

We offer the following additional services to enhance your purchasing experience.

Toopus Sourcing Agents FAQs

Here are a few FAQs we get Often from our clients

The starter plan will help customers create a detailed price list and update it monthly. In fact, all customers can use this plan.

Its purpose is to allow customers to have a detailed understanding of their product price in China during the whole year, and use it as a reference to judge whether the price given by the supplier is reasonable.

Toopus created the Starter plan to help our customers avoid harm from Chinese scammers.

The basic plan is a one-time fee service. We charge 5-10% of the order amount. Fees will only be incurred when you need to purchase. You do not need to pay us a monthly salary. We are your purchasing agent in China. If the number of your annual purchase orders is not too large and the amount is relatively small, the basic plan is suitable. In fact, we design the basic plan specifically for small businesses.

The Pro plan is charged monthly. We arrange employees to complete the monthly purchasing plan. The charges are calculated based on salary plus commission. For companies with relatively large order amounts and large purchasing needs every year, the Pro plan allows them to have a professional purchasing team without setting up an office in China.

We work for clients across a very broad range of industries, managing the product sourcing process for thousands of products. Honestly, we can source just about anything!

Our payment is 30% down payment, 70% balance before shipment. Of course.

For the Basic Plan, the service fee is 5-10% of the product value. If the total service fee is less than $100, we will still charge a minimum service fee of $100.

For both the Basic and Pro Plans, you can place a single order for multiple products if the average purchasing amount for each product is above $500. We will impose a handling fee of $25 per product for products that do not meet the $500 standard. Packaging and accessories will not be charged.

For example, you can purchase 1 to 6 different products without paying extra fees for a $3200 order. However, we will charge a handling fee for the 7th or more products in the same order.

It is usually pretty quick if it is within our areas of expertise. We may already have a suitable manufacturer within our network already. If not, it can take 30 days to find and evaluate one.

By default, we provide free quality inspections according to AQL 2.5 standards, regardless of whether the cargo has been reworked by factories due to previous quality issues.

We can also offer inspections at a higher ratio or on a one-by-one basis, but this service is charged separately and quoted accordingly.

Ideally, 3D files along with material specifications and estimated quantities will be very helpful. The more we know about your product (critical dimensions, special requirements, knowledge issues and so on) the more accurate the quote will be.

It depends on tooling that needs to be made. It is common to have 60 days for tooling and 30 days for sample production, but it really depends on the complexity of the product and manufacturing method.

For Basic Plan, Toopus don’t provide the supplier list, but use A, B, C instead of supplier names. 

For Pro Plan, Toopus will send our recommendation of the top 3-5 suppliers.

Both of Basic and Pro plan, we will provide a detailed analysis of the strength and weakness of each based on several factors, including cost, quality, certifications, etc. Ultimately, the decision is up to you which supplier you want to work with.

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