Top 8 Drain Systems Manufacturers in China

2023年 10月 29日
Top 8 Drain Systems Manufacturers In China

The most important function of a drainage system is to convey used water to the sewage system. If you’re wondering what drainage is, the easiest way to remember it is that all used water leaves your house through pipes.

It’s important to understand that your drain pipes only work by gravity. The closer the drainage system is to the vertical pipes, the faster and easier the water will move away. Since this is often difficult to achieve in standard home construction, most drain pipes are angled to keep used water flowing toward sewage. In today’s guide, we’ll take a look at what drainage systems are and eight of the best drainage system manufacturers in China. Read on to learn more.

1. How drainage systems work

It’s easy to understand how a drainage system works. It works entirely on gravity and does not use any pressure to move water through the pipes. All water appliances, sinks, and toilets in the home are connected by pipes.

When you flush or turn on a faucet, wastewater first enters a small pipe in your home and then connects to a larger sewer pipe down the road. This sewage then flows into the municipal sewer network and all enters the sewage treatment plant.

drainage systems

2. House drainage parts

It is crucial to be familiar with most of the components of your drainage system when needed. Most drain parts and components are well hidden under our sinks, behind walls, or under floors, but knowing which component is responsible may save you time, effort, and potentially money.

  1. Fixed Drain – This is the visible part of the sink or shower drain that everyone is familiar with. It is open and usually comes with some blocking mechanism.
  2. U-Bend or P-trap – Immediately after the unit drains, there is a P-trap, usually a curved pipe in the shape of the letter “P” or “U.” It holds standing water and prevents sewage gases from rising.
  3. Toilet Trap – Sometimes built-in, a toilet trap is similar in shape and function to a P-trap – it blocks sewage gases.
  4. Washing Machine Standpipe – While most washing machine ducts may be hidden, standpipes are often exposed. The washing machine drain pipe carries the water up to the standpipe and then into the waste pipe.
  5. Branch drains –  These run horizontally and connect a fixed drain elbow to the main drain pipe. They are usually hidden behind walls.
  6. Main Drain –  Hidden beneath your foundation slab or basement floor, the main drain connects to the municipal sewer line and carries all of your home’s wastewater into it.
  7. Pipe Shutoff – A shutoff valve is usually located near the water meter and must prevent flooding or water damage.

3. 8 Best Drainage System Manufacturers in China

Below is a list of 8 of the best drainage system manufacturers in China.


Taizhou Jinhaoli Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is located on the east coast of the East China Sea in Luqiao District of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province.  It is a production enterprise dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of sanitary ware products. There are more than 100 employees at the company, which covers an area of 6,000 square meters. The company has a professional design, manufacturing, and management team that can customize products according to customer needs and is a professional OEM/ODM supplier.

Main products: floor drains, basin drains, bathtub floor drains, air-lock floor drains, and other bathroom hardware accessories.

Advantages: Products are mainly medium to high-end, using high-quality materials, carefully polished, using advanced electroplating technology and equipment, and produced in strict accordance with international quality standards. It has won the recognition of new and old customers at home and abroad and has become a good choice for sanitary ware products in large-scale domestic buildings.



Founded in 2004, Hofen is a basin waste factory with more than 17 years of experience, providing one-stop solutions for drain plugs and bottle trap applications in residential, commercial buildings, and industry. Hofen specializes in the design and development of custom basin waste solutions. Their services range from design, molding, CNC machines, and testing to inspection and loading. Get basin waste stoppers for all drain stopper items you require, from toilet bottle traps to basin drains. Additionally, they can deliver starting waste within 15 days and provide free samples.

Main products: basin drain pipe, bathtub drain pipe, adapter, drain valve, heavy-duty P-type trap, siphon pipe

Advantages: Hofen has its own full set of production facilities, including drawing design, brass casting, forging, stamping, CNC machine tools, polishing, assembly, laboratory testing, etc. Basin waste excellent surface finish, is salt spray tested and is EN331 certified. From raw materials to CNC machining finished products are inspected 5 times.

3)Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group (GPPIG)

Jinde Plastic Pipe Industry Group (GPPIG) is a large-scale enterprise group established in 1999 with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. It currently has 9 major industrial bases equipped with advanced German production lines located in Shenyang, Zhuzhou, Jinhua, Baoji, Quzhou, etc. City. GPPI spares no effort to expand its overseas marketing network, provides customers with high-quality products and responsible services, and has won wide recognition from business partners in more than 80 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. GPPIG not only has talents with rich joint venture management experience as senior managers but also selects many senior employees to study at famous business schools in the United States and Europe to acquire advanced management skills and knowledge to ensure that management and operations are consistent with the world’s advanced levels.

Main products: AL-PE composite pipes, PVC-U pipes for drainage and sewage, PE and PPR pipes for water supply, and ground drains.

Advantages: Winning ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO8001, NSF, and other certificates, using advanced German UNICOR plastic equipment, the market includes more than 80 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.


4)Beijing Tidelion Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd

Beijing Tidelion Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd. With a marketing network that covers the whole country, the company has expanded into more than 20 countries and regions, including Singapore, Sri Lanka, Iran, and the Maldives. After 18 years of deep exploration in the field of rainwater management and comprehensive utilization, it has developed into a leader in China’s rainwater resources industry and the earliest practitioner of sponge cities.

Main products: HDPE pipes and accessories, PE linear drains, intelligent rainwater treatment machines, and self-irrigation greening systems.

Advantages: With rich experience, the company has completed the design and construction of more than 4,000 projects, including 21 Olympic projects and related supporting projects, the National Aquatics Center, Beijing Olympic Central Area, Beijing Capital Airport Expansion, Wukesong Stadium, and the National Convention Center and other projects. Won the honors of “China’s Construction Technology Independent Innovation Advantage Enterprise” and “The Most Valuable Brand in the Water Industry”. The company has become one of the drafting units of national standards and industry specifications, including GB50400-2006; national industry standard; CJJ 142-2014, Beijing Provincial Standard DB11/685-2013, Hebei Provincial Standard DB13 (J) 175-2015, etc. The number of national and provincial standards exceeds ten.


YD was established in 1999 and has approximately 19 years of experience in the angle valve and pipe fittings industry since its inception. Our factory not only provides valves, but also provides helpful advice, suggestions, collaboration, and excellent customer service. The management team consists of young and highly skilled personnel from the valve and fitting industry with solid backgrounds in key positions in commercial and management environments as well as project design engineering, production, and execution responsibilities.

Main products: angle valves, pipe fittings, faucets and their parts, and bathroom safety products.

Advantages: Using state-of-the-art software applications, products can be designed, manufactured, and tested to major international standards based on customer requirements. ISO9001:2008 quality management system, CE, WRAS, and ACS are suitable for the European market. With customers all over the world, we create perfect valves and fittings for each customer.


6) Ningbo Guanzhi Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Guanzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier and manufacturer in China focusing on high-quality floor drain systems. Their customizable floor drain systems are designed to provide efficient drainage solutions for all types of floor surfaces including concrete, tiles, and resin systems. Floor drain systems are suitable for residential and commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, and factories. High-quality materials such as stainless steel and ABS plastic are used to create durable floor drain systems, which are available in many types. Their expert team is always ready to provide professional guidance and support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Main products: bathroom faucets, floor drain systems.

Advantages: Ningbo Guanzhi Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in precision manufacturing business for more than 10 years. Over the years, the company has worked with a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics. State-of-the-art equipment is used to manufacture precision molds, castings, molds, and machined parts. Provide customized solutions to meet customers’ individual needs.


ZHEJIANG TIANYAN HOLDING CO., LTD. is a world-renowned provider of plastic pipe system solutions, with customers in more than 60 countries and regions. Construction piping system applications, industrial piping system applications, agricultural piping system applications, and their professional solutions are the main businesses. Tianyan has a team with more than 20 years of experience in pipeline system research and development. The team researches the world’s major piping system standards and applications and provides product solutions. It has designed more than 20,000 products and obtained nearly 100 patents.

Main products: drainage pipes and accessories, hot and cold pipes and accessories, and plastic valves.

Advantages: Has multiple professional inspections and certificates. It has passed CE, NSF, and SGS inspections, and obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, WRAS, and other certificates. Tianyan owns nearly 100 patents, including various invention and technology patents on pipeline systems.


China Lesso Group Holdings Co., Ltd. is a large home and building materials industry group in China. China Lesso’s business covers plastic pipes, building materials, home furnishings, environmental protection, new energy, supply chain service platforms, etc. With the rapid development of internationalization and globalization, China Lesso has more than 30 advanced production bases in 18 provinces at home and abroad. We are committed to improving our strategic layout, broadening our sales network, and expanding our markets. We provide products and services to our customers in a timely and efficient manner. Products are widely used in home decoration, civil construction, municipal water supply and drainage, energy management, power supply and communications, gas supply, fire protection, environmental protection, agriculture, marine aquaculture, and other fields.

Main products: pipes and fittings, building materials, and home decoration.

Advantages: Strong R&D team with rich scientific research achievements, including: “aluminum-plastic composite pipes”, “PP-R/PE-RT pipes and fittings”, “PVC water supply and drainage pipes”, “low flame retardant PVC cable trunking”, “PE corrugated pipe” was rated as a famous product and a famous brand product in Guangdong Province. “Research and Industrialization of Lead-free PVC-U Pipes and Fittings Technology for Building Drainage Engineering” and “Wrapping Steel Wire Reinforced HDPE Hollow Pipes” won the second prize in the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award.


4. Conclusion

That concludes this guide’s list of the 8 best drainage system manufacturers in China. If you are planning to import or purchase drainage system products from China, you may consider the above list. We are available to answer any other questions you may have.