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By customized your unique price list and product catalogue, we will keep tracing your product and provide the most competitive service for you.

How Can We Grow Your Business Fast?

Want to import products from China? We help you source for Free! Tell us what products you need, and you will get our quote in 48 hours. Faster than any other sourcing companies.

For Startups

By join us memeber, you will get customized price list for your product and a regularly update product catalogue.

For Small Business

With a starting budget as low as $500, we can find a supplier to manufacture your product and customize packaging to meet all e-commerce requirements.

For Stable Business

We are Your China Office with Dedicated Employees that find the best factories, most competitive prices, and highest product quality…

Toopus provides one-Stop China sourcing agent service

Import From China Consulting

Product Sourcing & Development

Price Collection & Vefication

Help you to Negotiate with Suppliers

Sample Collection & Shipping

Factory & Supplier Audit

Packaging & Labels Customization

Production Arrangement & Follow-up

Product Quality Inspection

The large warehouse for free

Product Loading & Shipping To You

Product Photography

Hire Labor in China

1 by 1 inspection

Accompanying translators

Advantage Products We Are Sourcing

To provide you good service, currently we only help you source products in following areas, which we are familiar with.

Outdoor & Sports

Toys & Kids

Stationery & Office

Household & Garden

Car Accessories

Pet Products

Electronics Products

Hardware & Tools

LED Lighting

Party & Events

Why Toopus is different from others?

100% Quality Assurance

We take product quality seriously for our clients. For free inspection, we check a higher percentage than 3rd party inspection companies. In addition, we offer full inspection to reduce the defect rate to 0. But other sourcing companies won’t.

Our robust “Three Inspections” system, which includes initial, in-process, and final inspections, ensures that our inspectors diligently test and monitor potential issues on a daily basis. We have developed our own testing system and integrated various quality tools into our overall production process.


Competitive Price, No kickbacks

Helping clients obtain competitive prices is one of our primary objectives. While many sourcing companies attract new clients with low service fees, they often quote expensive product prices. We, on the other hand, are transparent and encourage our clients to compare product prices to ensure they consistently receive competitive quotes from us.

We help you negotiate the lowest price with suppliers, based on your request. No kickbacks, we only charge service fees for managing production, product inspection, and shipping.

Toopus Sourcing Agents FAQs

Here are a few FAQs we get Often from our clients

We work for clients across a very broad range of industries, managing the product sourcing process for thousands of products. Honestly, we can source just about anything!

You can communicate with your expert as much or as little as you wish. We use a variety of methods, including phone, messaging and email. We literally work for you so you are always welcome to reach out. 

The cost is determined by the scope and requirements of your project. You can submit your information through our online contact form. We will reach out to discuss with you and then send you a free custom proposal. 

Your Expert will send their recommendation of the top 3-5 suppliers, including a detailed analysis of the strength and weakness of each based on several factors, including cost, quality, certifications, etc. Ultimately, the decision is up to you which supplier you want to work with.

We place a strong emphasis on product quality. We conduct a higher percentage of product checks compared to third-party inspection companies, and we offer this service for free. Moreover, we are the only sourcing company that provides 1-by-1 inspections to minimize the defect rate to zero.

We are headquartered in Shenzhen, China. You will be working with an Expert out of this office. 

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